Wyler Clinotronic Plus
  • Wyler Clinotronic Plus
  • Wyler Clinotronic Plus

Wyler Clinotronic Plus

The Clinotronic PLUS builds on the success of its popular predecessor the Clinotronic. This robust shop-floor proof inclinometer features four machined faces permitting the measurement of angles through 360º, its three simple button operation and high visibility display allow easy access to its many operating modes including absolute and relative modes. The Clinotronic PLUS now comes with an inbuilt Infra Red receiver Lab Excel Software and cables as standard, this allows the use of an Infra Red transmitter (optional) to remotely transmit data to the Labview software (included).

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Clinotronic PLUS
Measuring range +/- 45 deg
Limited of Error 1-3 arcmin
Settle time ca.5 seconds
Sensitivity 0.02 mm/m
Working temp 0 to 40º C
Output RS 485
Battery Standard AA 1.5V
Housing Aluminium hard anodised
Dimensions 100 x 75 x 30mm
Weight 400g
CE Conformity

Code No. Description Price
60-015-PLUS-XG45 Clinotronic Plus
60-015-PLUS-HG45 Clinotronic Plus with magnets on all faces
60-015-PLUS-PG45 Clinotronic Plus with M3 threads on all faces
60-015-005-007 WylerTRIGGER