WYLER AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision spirit levels, Clinometers, electronic inclination measuring instruments, inclination sensors and software for inclination measurement. As sole UK agent, Bowers’ can exclusively offer its customers the solution to precision measuring angularity, pitch, roll, flatness, inclination, parallelism and so much more. Full product details can be found here.

  • WYLER Tubular Spirit Level No 59
    A wide range of WYLER Bubble Spirit Levels are available, designed to be fitted onto machines and other applications where a clear visual indication of levelling is required.
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  • WYLER Frame Spirit Level No. 58S
    WYLER Conventional Spirit Levels are manufactured to the highest of standards using artificially aged materials. With precise prismatic bases the new "Spirit" branded models offer an especially rigid vial adjustment system.
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  • WYLER nivelSWISS - Electronic Analogue Level
    The functional range of WYLER nivelSWISS precision levels employs the accurate inductive pendulum principle. Precision prismatic bases make the range particularly useful for measurement on both plane or cylindrical work pieces, whilst the easy to read analogue display aids ease of use.
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  • Wyler BlueLEVELS with Bluetooth
    The modular BlueSYSTEM family of instruments is a further enhancement of the well known and well established measuring instruments MINILEVEL NT and LEVELTRONIC NT. The BlueSYSTEM family uses Wyler’s WYBUS system to enable communication and connectivity, with switchable Bluetooth, between all Wyler BlueSYSTEM devices including The BlueCLINO HP, Zerotronic sensors and more, enabling easy data collection to PC in many different ways with a variety of software suited for most applications. A BlueSYSTEM engineers set normally consists of a pair of high precision BlueLEVELs and a BlueMETER SIGMA display. This can be replaced by the Wyler BlueLEVEL 2D.
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