• Trimos Wireless Data Transfer System for new V series Height Gauge
    Wireless Data Transfer Kit (Includes Wireless Module and Smart USB Dongle)
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  • Verisurf 3D CAD Inspection Software
    Verisurf software is a 3D measurement platform for manufacturing inspection, and reverse engineering. Verisurf 3D metrology applications are used for quality inspection to verify design intent, but are also used for reverse engineering, tool building, guided assembly, and more. Verisurf allows manufacturers to use 3D metrology to overcome a number of challenges: • Comply with customer quality requirements • Confirm conformance to design specs • Improve inspection throughput • Automate manual inspection processes • Build a CAD model from a physical part from reverse engineering • Precision detail positioning during assembly • Verify manufacturing processes • Equip new metrology devices with software Verisurf provides manufacturers with 3D measurement requirements that assure product quality, reduce waste, and improve business profitability. Composed of integrated metrology modules offered in specific combinations, or single product suites. Verisurf is ideally suited to the most common manufacturing challenges.
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  • Gauge Management & Calibration Software
    QM-PLAIN supports the inspection of master rings and ring gauges, plug gauges and snap gauges. Using the selected gauge type and the nominal value provided (e.g. 2H7), the program calculates the gauge tolerances. Includes DIN, ANSI/ASME and British Standards.
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