Trimos TR-Scan 2D

Trimos TR-Scan 2D

Trimos has drawn on its vast experience in metrology to develop a fresh perspective for contactless measurement. The extremely stable mechanism enables contactless measurements down to a few nanometres.

The simple optical coupling system allows a quick change of measuring range, with a wide range of sensors to meet the measurement needs of the customer. The system is driven by the Trimos measurement software, Nanoware, which allows any type of 2D mode measurement. The integration of “vertical patching” (stitching) enables the system to exceed the measuring range of the sensor.
Macros can be created in the Nanoware software to enable an entirely automatic measurement with integration to component pallets from a production line environment.

The software analysis program can produce log sheets that are used in accordance with current roughness standards, such as Ra, Rz, Rq etc.
It is also possible to transform the profile into a contour analysis by using the contour option.

The main features include:
• Simplicity of use for multiple operator usage
• Contactless surface measurement
• Results are comparable to conventional methods
• Nanometric resolution
• Large vertical measuring range
• 90x90 mm scope of application
• Extremely stable cast-iron base
• Completely CNC-controlled
• Rigid X-Y table
• Parts weight capacity up to 20kg

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