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With the ever-rising demands on quality machining, being able to accurately measure surface finish has become increasingly important. With our comprehensive offering of surface finish testers from the leading suppliers, from pocket-sized portables to cutting edge touchscreen all-in-one units, we have solutions to match the huge range of applications from the shop floor to the laboratory.

  • Diavite DH8 High Precision Surface Roughness Meter
    New high precision surface roughness meter for universal use in workshops and inspection rooms. VH model for use with probes with skids only. VHF model for use with probes with and without skids.
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  • Surface Roughness Tester - R-135
    Handheld surface roughness tester for external surfaces and grooves. The R-135 is a portable, battery-powered instrument for checking surface roughness, with the measured values displayed on a digital readout display. The instrument can be used in laboratory, inspection area, workshop, or wherever on-site surface roughness testing is required.
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  • Surface Roughness Tester TR-200
    The comprehensive, hand-held TR-200 represents the ideal multi-function solution for surface roughness testing. This compact gauge has a large measuring range, easy-to- read, backlit graphical and text display and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
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  • Surface Roughness Standards
    Ideal for use in the drafting room, engineering department or small shop.
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  • Time Surface Roughness Tester - W-3220 and W-3221
    The Surface Roughness Tester is designed for shop floor, industrial and inspection room applications, and offers a versatile solution for all your surface finish measurement requirements. Specific accessories such as a height support, V-grove support widen the standard field of application. Connectivity via RS232 and USB allow connection to PC or portable devices. Ideal for a wide range of industries including precision bearings, automotive and aerospace engineering, this product has the key attributes that are most important for quality control in today’s precision industries; • Advanced & wide parameter options to suit your application • V-shaped bottom, means the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces • Built to last, solid ABS housing • Large memory plus printer output
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  • ACCRETECH HandySurf+ Portable Surface Measurement
    The detachable drive unit enables measurement in a wide range of positions and the 6 button input and new user interface creates an intuitive operator experience. With a 16mm Evaluation Length, 0.7 nanometer Resolution, 370µm Z-range and all-new 2.4” colour screen , the next generation Handysurf+ has sophistication and ease of use in equal measures.
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    Entry-level model for surface measurements for various production applications, especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies.
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  • Diavite DH-10 TOUCH
    With the DIAVITE DH-10 TOUCH you can work with tracers without and with skid. The entire DIAVITE tracer range is available to you with just one device. On the 10.1“ Full HD Touch Display you will find all controls for a quick and easy measurement. You define the measurement (measuring length, filter, speed, etc.) and save it with an image and corresponding protocol. Via the menu or a barcode scanner you select the program and execute it. The protocol is then printed via LAN (WLAN/ Bluetooth) or stored on the server, USB stick on the previously defined path. You have the choice whether to save in PDF, CSV or TXT format. A statistical evaluation of several measurements can also be recorded.
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