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  • Trimos C-Line Portable CMM
    The New Trimos C-Line is the world’s first truly portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and part of the new Trimos 3D product group along with the recently introduced Trimos Portable Arm. The New C3 & C4 is only 13.5KG so allows you to take the machine right to the parts in the manufacturing process for inspection. Both models are battery operated and available with Bluetooth for full portability. Manual measurements can be made using the C3 version with the C4 being fully CNC operated. Ease of use is provided with and intuitive icon-based touch screen mounted on the machine. Optional Aberlink Software is available that will assist in CAD programming and traditional CMM style reporting. The C line has a working volume of X & Y of 700mm and Z 250mm plus the following: ➢ Small footprint and very portable ➢ High precision measurement using Renishaw TP20 probe ➢ Ease of use thanks to the Aberlink software ➢ Fully CNC combined with manual operation ➢ Designed for workshop operation ➢ Ethernet communication or wireless (WiFi / Bluetooth)
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  • Trimos A-Line Portable Measuring Arm
    The Trimos A3 portable inspection arm is extremely easy to use, it is flexible and accurate, thereby making 3D measurement simpler. The A3 arm enables the inspection and verification of a range of sizes, from the small to larger parts. The six-axis configuration is available in both the 1300mm and the 1800mm measuring ranges. The carbon fibre construction and aluminium mount, with counterbalance, makes the A3 arm a very stable and light structure to operate.
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