• INNOVATEST Brinell BIOS Scan
  • INNOVATEST Brinell BIOS Scan


The Innovatest BIOS Brinell is a handheld optical scanner that can be connected to a standard laptop, tablet or any other device running a Windows 10 operating system.

Different materials have different finishes; for Brinell fast light adjustment is mandatory. The scroll wheel provides an ultra-fast way of experimenting with light settings to get the correct one; this is then stored for the current application.

The BIOS™ has a camera and electronics that are built around a telecentric lens, with an adjustable direct LED light module that illuminates the shadow areas around the indents. This creates a high-resolution image for fast and repeatable measurement. The telecentric lens allows for the highest possible accuracy to be obtained time and again. No special skills are required to operate the BIOS, making this an easy tool for any operator to utilise.

The Innovatest Bios system is designed to make the daily testing of Brinell indents faster, more accurate and reliable. Data can be saved in a CSV file, for a simple import to MS applications such as Word and Excel for further analysis or reporting.

• Simple easy operation
• Fast and easy connection to a Window 10 Laptop or tablet
• High performance Image allowing highest possible accuracy
• Results export to CSV file and other windows software
• Suitable for Brinell Indents 10, 5, 2 & 1mm

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