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alphaDUR Mini

The alphaDUR mini is the smaller variant of the alphaDUR which has been successfully used in hardness testing for many years. The technology is identical, and all the current accessories are compatible.

The alphaDUR mini is very easy to operate because all the information is shown on the large screen display. The hardness scale and material can be quickly changed by the touch of a button.

Measurements can be done quickly and accurately. The measured value is displayed directly after the test load has been applied. A test load between 1 and 10 kg can be chosen depending on the application, probe, and the sample surface.

The test load should be applied steadily, shock-free and along the probe. The test is done perpendicular to the test surface. Differences > 5° from the perpendicular will cause a significant error in the measured result. The minimum distance from the edge of the sample must be 5mm and the minimum distance between indents must be 1mm for harder material and 3mm for softer material.

• Fast and easy hardness testing
• Measuring method according to DIN 50159 and ASTM A1038
• Conversion according to EN ISO 18265 and ASTM E140
• Robust metal casing
• Large colour display
• Built-in Li-ion battery
• Extensive storage and statistical functions
• USB interface and PC software

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Hardness Scales HRC; HRB; HV; HB; UTS
Test Loads 10; 20; 30; 49; 98N (probe dependent)
Display Colour LCD 320 x 240 pixels
Interface USB; direct data transfer to USB drive
Data Memory 100;000 data records with date and time
Statistics Average value; min.; max.; std. dev.
Battery Built in Li-ion battery; approx. 9hrs
Dimensions 135 x 80 x 23mm
Weight Device 320g; Probe 190g
Min. Thickness 5mm - dependent on dimensions
Min. Weight 300g – dependent on dimensions
Test load Typical Applications
98 N Small forgings; weldseam testing; testing of the heat affected zone (HAZ)
50 N Induction/case-hardened machine parts; camshafts; turbines; welds; HAZ
10 N Ion-nitrided embossing tools and matrices; forges; press
3 N Layers; e.g. Copper and Chrome layers on steel cylinders (t ≥ 0.040 mm) Copper gravure cylinders; coatings; hardened layers (t ≥ 0.020 mm)

Code No. Description Price
W-12-102 alphaDUR Mini
W-11-124 30N Probe (HV3)
W-11-131 Flat Probe Support
W-R-AD-KAL-DKD DAkkS - Calibration