CV Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - TT-100 Series

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - TT-100 Series

The TT series represents a range of quality, hand-held, ultrasonic gauges for accurate measurement of wall thickness of a variety of materials, displaying results on a clear digital display. Suitable for metals, glass and plastics.

• Easy to operate ultrasonic wall thickness gauge
• Standard 5 MHz transducer included, special purpose types available
• Clear 4-Digit LCD display
• Retention of last 10 readings

• TT-100 for metal, glass, plastics etc (Standard model)
• TT-120 for high temperature steel (Up to 300ºC)
• TT-130 for metals, glass, plastics etc, 0.01mm resolution

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Four models TT-100 - TT-120 - TT-130
Measuring range 4.0-80.00mm with ZW5P transducer (TT-120)
Measuring range (in steel) 1.2-225.0mm with 5mHz transducer (TT-100 - TT-130)
Measuring restriction Minimum 3mm thickness - 20mm dia
Transducer frequency Standard 5 MHz - diameter probe 10mm
Display resolution 0.1mm (0.01mm for model TT-130)
Measuring accuracy +/- 0.1mm (+/- 0.02mm for model TT-130)
Measuring units mm
Sound velocity range 1000-9999m/s
Working temperature All standard -15ºC to + 150ºC - Model TT120 up to 300ºC max

Code No. Description Price
W-TT100 Universal / 0.1mm reading / incl. transducers (5MHz)
W-TT110 Steel only / 0.1mm reading / incl. transducers (5MHz)
W-TT120 High temp., reading 0.1mm / incl. special transducer
W-TT130 Universal / 0.01mm reading / incl. transducer (5MHz)