Material Testing

With so many materials and applications in the world, you need to know that you can trust your products are durable and do what your engineers designed them to do. Manufacturers rely on results from hardness testing and international safety standards require materials to have a specific hardness or stiffness. Different metals need to be tested according to different hardness testing standards, whether it’s using a Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers or a Universal machine. Bowers Group have a variety of portable, bench and floor models in our product range to provide a solution for your hardness testing needs, whatever it may be.

  • INNOVATEST FALCON 600 Fully Automatic Multi-load cell Closed Loop Force Feedback System Vickers Hardness Tester - Falcon 600 Series
    The FALCON 600 Automated Hardness Testing System provides a fully integrated platform for your complete Vickers,Knoop & Low Force Brinell hardness testing needs. Sophisticated mechanical design combined with a range of CNC stages and best in class optics, 18 Megapixels, 4K, full colour image technology, with an easy to use, User Interface ensures this hardness tester range provides simplicity with accuracy.
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  • INNOVATEST NEMESIS 5100 Universal Hardness Tester
    The NEMESIS 5100 Universal hardness tester systems provides exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improve ergonomics and an overall enhanced and pleasant experience for the operator. The IMPRESSIONS tester control and workflow software forms an integral component of the testing system.
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  • INNOVATEST NEMESIS 9100 Universal Hardness Tester
    The NEMESIS 9100 Series Universal Hardness testing systems provide exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics and an overall enhanced and pleasant experience for the operator. The IMPRESSIONS® tester control and work flow software, forms an integral component of the testing system. Decreasing set up time and increasing testing efficiency through the use of programmable test patterns and specific designed software applications, developed upon the request of demanding users. NEMESIS 9100 hardness testing instruments are routinely used for testing metals and plastics, in the aerospace and automotive industry, laboratories for sample evaluation, or to conduct common but versatile testing tasks.
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  • INNOVATEST IMPRESSIONS Video Measuring System
    IMPRESSIONS is the new advanced user operating system, developed by Innovatest, that will be adopted on all future developments. The software incorporates manual and automatic measurement for all scales, image editing, file storing, image storing, report printing, turret operation, manual or automatic focusing and many other advanced functions. All data can be copied or exported in to MS applications like Word, Excel, or a report generator that emails test results directly to your workstation, or server. All data can be accessed over the LAN or WLAN connections. Standard Delivery For manual X-Y stage - IMPRESSIONS software, CCD camera and C-mount included software for manual and automatic measurement of indentations, Indent zoom function, automatic light adjustment, LCD industrial DVI touch screen included (IMP-2, IMP-3, IMP-4). For motorised XY stage & auto focus - IMPRESSIONS software, motorised X-Y stage and motorised Z-axis. CCD camera and C-mount included. Software for manual and fully automatic measurement of indentations. Indent zoom function, automatic indent focus, automatic light adjustment, coordinate multi pattern testing module, motorised X-Y stage, LCD industrial touch screen included, virtual mouse function. (IMP-5 and IMP-6).
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  • INNOVATEST Brinell BIOS Scan
    The Innovatest BIOS Brinell is a handheld optical scanner that can be connected to a standard laptop, tablet or any other device running a Windows 10 operating system. Different materials have different finishes; for Brinell fast light adjustment is mandatory. The scroll wheel provides an ultra-fast way of experimenting with light settings to get the correct one; this is then stored for the current application. The BIOS™ has a camera and electronics that are built around a telecentric lens, with an adjustable direct LED light module that illuminates the shadow areas around the indents. This creates a high-resolution image for fast and repeatable measurement. The telecentric lens allows for the highest possible accuracy to be obtained time and again. No special skills are required to operate the BIOS, making this an easy tool for any operator to utilise. The Innovatest Bios system is designed to make the daily testing of Brinell indents faster, more accurate and reliable. Data can be saved in a CSV file, for a simple import to MS applications such as Word and Excel for further analysis or reporting.
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  • Portable Hardness Tester - TH-170 Series
    Handheld dynamic metal hardness tester with integrated Impact device D.
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  • Leeb Hardness Tester with External Probe
    This is the most recent Leeb portable hardness tester from Innovatest. The digital display shows hardness values in all common hardness scales, making this a versatile product. This precision measuring instrument is equipped with re-chargeable batteries providing over 20 hours continuous operation.
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  • Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester 'alphaDUR 2'
    The alphaDUR 2 is the next generation portable and laboratory use ultrasonic hardness tester. The instrument covers several new advanced features that can be selected from a menu-operated full colour display.
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  • Webster Type Portable Hardness Tester
    The WEBSTER Hardness Testers are portable instruments that can perform on-site hardness testing on aluminium alloys, brass, copper and soft steel. A quick and easy test, the hardness value can be read out directly from the indicator with a simple clamp. Suitable for testing aluminium alloy profiles, tubings and sheet materials. Especially suitable for fast, non destructive quality inspection on the production site.
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  • CV Shore Durometers - Analogue / Digital
    These advanced Shore Scale Durometers provide fast easy-to-read instruments ideal for testing rubber, plastic, leather and all other soft materials. The gauges can be used in hand held mode or mounted onto a sturdy bench stand for improved accuracy and repeatability.
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