Thread Lead

Thread Lead

The lead gauge inspects thread lead using contact points that seat in the threads of a part. Thread lead is the distance between threads, measured on a plane parallel to the centerline of the threaded part. The pitch of the thread determines the diameter of the contact points required for taking measurements. API specification 7-2 requires thread inspection.

The LG-6001 and the LG-6002 use a two-point system to inspect thread lead for straight and tapered threads. The LG-6002 inspects both external and internal threads, while the LG-6001 inspects external threads. The two point system allows for a sweeping action to obtain the measurement. Both gauges are available with higher resolution indicators.

The LG-5003 uses the three-point system to inspect internal and external thread lead. Two fixed contact points at the rear of the gauge and one moveable contact point at the front of the gauge provide complete stability when taking thread lead measurements. This unique design does not require sweeping to obtain measurements.

Contact points can be easily changed to allow the gauge to be used on a variety of thread forms. Each gauge comes with a default set of contact points, but customers may specify another set.

Before inspecting parts, the lead gauge must be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension using a lead gauge setting standard. Lead standards are available for both straight and tapered threads. Our setting standards are manufactured according to ANSI and API specifications, respectively.

• Uses a three-point system for greater stability when inspecting parts (LG-5003)
• Uses interchangeable contact points to allow inspection on a variety of thread forms
• Requires presetting using Gagemaker’s lead gage setting standards
• Supplied with one set of contact points. Customer may specify points

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Code No. Description Range (mm) Range (inch) Resolution (mm) Resolution (inch) Note Price
90-LG6001 2-point external lead gauge 12.7 - 50.8 1/2 - 2 .0005 No of Contacts - 2
90-LG6001-1 2-point external lead gauge 12.7 - 50.8 1/2 - 2 .0001 No of Contacts - 2
90-LG6002 2-point internal lead gauge 0 - 101.6 1/2 - 4 .0005 No of Contacts - 2
90-LG6002-1 2-point internal lead gauge 0 - 101.6 1/2 - 4 .0001 No of Contacts - 2
90-LG6002M 2-point internal lead gauge with metric indicator 0 - 101.6 1/2 - 4 .01 No of Contacts - 2