Our range of dimensional metrology solutions from the world’s leading providers includes the comprehensive range of horizontal calibration machines from Trimos, a full range of accessories for checking a variety of gauges, as well as the latest gauge management and calibration software.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Trimos range of multifunction calibration machines has the capacity to calibrate a wide variety of gauges and measuring instruments with incredible speed and accuracy.

  • Gauge Management & Calibration Software
    QM-PLAIN supports the inspection of master rings and ring gauges, plug gauges and snap gauges. Using the selected gauge type and the nominal value provided (e.g. 2H7), the program calculates the gauge tolerances. Includes DIN, ANSI/ASME and British Standards.
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  • Trimos Labconcept and Labconcept Premium Calibration Machines
    The Trimos Labconcept represents the latest developments in the field of multifunction calibration machines. Capable of calibrating an extremely wide range of measuring instruments with incredible speed and accuracy the instrument is now the calibration machine of choice for some of the biggest UKAS and factory laboratories throughout the UK and beyond. The wide range of quick-change ingenious accessories and holders facilitates the accurate calibration of an exceedingly wide range of measuring instruments. Utilising the user-friendly QM software, the instrument can rapidly send its findings to a gauge-management module or generate calibration certificates instantly.
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  • Data Collection 32 Bit Software
    Software Wedge is an ingenious and inexpensive piece of software that allows the user to connect ANY gauge with an RS 232 output directly to a PC, laptop etc and send the instruments reading to such programs as spreadsheets, databases etc. Imported data can be manipulated, analysed etc on a users own software of choice.
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  • Trimos THV Mini Horizontal Calibration Machine
    The flexible Trimos THV Calibration Machine is capable of undertaking a wide range of internal and external calibration routines, belying its relatively inexpensive price. This flexible instrument can be supplied fitted with a variety of probes, scales and readouts, including Heidenhain units, dependent on the customers required accuracy specification. The large range of ingenious, quick-fit accessories available for the THV, ensures great versatility of application. Simplicity of design and ease of use of the instrument allows rapid and accurate calibration of a wide variety of measuring instruments. The basic instrument is supplied with a set of 6.5mm diameter carbide anvils for external measurements and a set of anvils for internal measurements, minimum diameter 10mm. Smaller diameters available on request.
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  • Trimos Horizon Setting and Horizon Setting + Horizontal Setting Machines
    Horizon Setting and Horizon Setting + are the ideal instruments for the control and calibration of measuring means with fixed and variable dimensions. Their high precision and finishing, position it as a top of the range model for workshops or laboratory use. All measuring ranges are direct, which means that the whole measuring range is available without adjustment or intermediary re-calibration. A large selection of interchangeable accessories completes the possible applications and guarantees a correct positioning of the instruments to be calibrated. Note: Trimos Horizon Settings - Setting only, Trimos Horizon Setting + - Setting and measurement.
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