• ACCRETECH HandySurf+ Portable Surface Measurement
    The detachable drive unit enables measurement in a wide range of positions and the 6 button input and new user interface creates an intuitive operator experience. With a 16mm Evaluation Length, 0.7 nanometer Resolution, 370µm Z-range and all-new 2.4” colour screen , the next generation Handysurf+ has sophistication and ease of use in equal measures.
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    Entry-level model for surface measurements for various production applications, especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies.
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  • MRP Air Pitch Diameter & Ovality Gauges
    Gagemaker have introduced the MRP® AIR Crest Diameter Carbon Fibre Gauge, which is stronger, lighter and more accurate than ever, all of this is completed with no damaging rails locking them into place. All of the MRP series of Pitch diameter gauges measures internal and external pitch diameters of tapered threaded connectors. The gauges use two pivoting thread shoes that rest on the crests of the threads. Variation in diameter is detected by the indicator readout. The MRP gauges are preset to size before inspecting parts. A variety of setting standards are available. Alternatively the MIC TRAC setting system can be used.
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  • Moore & Wright Traditional Micrometers, Boxed Sets
    Moore & Wright Traditional Micrometers, Boxed Sets
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