• Sylvac Scan F60 Range
    The Sylvac Scan F60 has been designed to measure the most demanding of cylindrical parts. With a brand new camera and optics, the F60 range offers superior image processing with fast inspection times. The Sylvac Scan F60 range is designed for use on the shop floor with a new enclosure including a door and safety curtain, integrated calibration master, temperature sensors and LED status light. The F60 uses the renowned Reflex One Click technology offering part recognition and auto measure, all with one button click. Quick release tooling for making rapid part change overs, combined with sophisticated software giving immediate visual results, assist in providing essential efficiencies in a busy working environment.
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  • Sylvac S_View D50S and D50S PRO
    Sylvac S_View D50S and D50S PRO
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  • 12-G005
    Digital Internal Caliper (supplied with 12-8006-20)
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  • INNOVATEST Hardness Tester Nemesis 9600 Series
    The NEMESIS 9600 range is a heavy-duty floor type universal hardness tester most suitable for harsh testing conditions of very large parts. This floor type frame reaches a height of 2 meters and offers a workspace of not less than 650 mm height and a throat depth of 395mm from spindle center. The heavy duty motorized spindle with over 800 kg lifting capacity allows to position the test piece on the required working height. Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell, but also pure depth test methods such as HVT and HBT are part of the standard test procedures of the NEMESIS 9600. The second Z-axis has a 150mm stroke descending test head which gives unique flexibility.
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  • Functional PD Thread Gauges
    The Gagemaker PG-6000 and RG-7000 Series gauges measure diameters of internal, and external threads respectively. Both series of these functional diameter gauges inspects the effects of all thread element variations and report deviations. The gauges must be preset to a Nominal predetermined dimension using gauge blocks, micrometers, or the MIC TRAC measurement centre.
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  • Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester 'alphaDUR 2'
    The alphaDUR 2 is the next generation portable and laboratory use ultrasonic hardness tester. The instrument covers several new advanced features that can be selected from a menu-operated full colour display.
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  • Thread Lead
    The lead gauge inspects thread lead using contact points that seat in the threads of a part. Thread lead is the distance between threads, measured on a plane parallel to the centerline of the threaded part. The pitch of the thread determines the diameter of the contact points required for taking measurements. API specification 7-2 requires thread inspection. The LG-6001 and the LG-6002 use a two-point system to inspect thread lead for straight and tapered threads. The LG-6002 inspects both external and internal threads, while the LG-6001 inspects external threads. The two point system allows for a sweeping action to obtain the measurement. Both gauges are available with higher resolution indicators. The LG-5003 uses the three-point system to inspect internal and external thread lead. Two fixed contact points at the rear of the gauge and one moveable contact point at the front of the gauge provide complete stability when taking thread lead measurements. This unique design does not require sweeping to obtain measurements. Contact points can be easily changed to allow the gauge to be used on a variety of thread forms. Each gauge comes with a default set of contact points, but customers may specify another set. Before inspecting parts, the lead gauge must be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension using a lead gauge setting standard. Lead standards are available for both straight and tapered threads. Our setting standards are manufactured according to ANSI and API specifications, respectively.
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  • Ball V Blocks
    Enables you to inspect and detect out-of-round conditions and lobes with no damage to parts and no damage to blocks
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  • Sylcom Pro
    The latest software from Sylvac. Sylcom allows a connection between most of the Sylvac instruments, either by USB or Bluetooth. the universal software can be used to display values in different modes, to upload the drawings of parts with dimensions, to show the agreed level of tolerances and to show the pass / fail readings. All of this data can be exported out to Excel for use in reports. The Sylcom Advance Package allows connection to multiple probes and instruments via the M-bus modules.
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  • Contact Points
    Gagemaker's standard ball contact points are manufactured with spherical chrome balls with threaded shanks of 4-48 UNF. Contact sizes are matched closely to thread inspection wire sizes. The contact diameters listed are used in the TDWIN Thread Disk for Windows software program for pitch diameter inspection.
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  • INNOVATEST NEXUS 8100 Universal Hardness Tester
    The NEXUS 8100 Series, from Innovatest can be used for all hardness procedures according to standards Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop. But it is also capable of ball and indentation hardness testing for thermoplastics and the new Vickers depth (HVT) and Brinell depth (HBT) procedures. The NEXUS 8100 universal hardness testers include all standard hardness testing methods between 200gf - 3000kgf.
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  • INNOVATEST NEMESIS 9100 Universal Hardness Tester
    The NEMESIS 9100 Series Universal Hardness testing systems provide exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics and an overall enhanced and pleasant experience for the operator. The IMPRESSIONS® tester control and work flow software, forms an integral component of the testing system. Decreasing set up time and increasing testing efficiency through the use of programmable test patterns and specific designed software applications, developed upon the request of demanding users. NEMESIS 9100 hardness testing instruments are routinely used for testing metals and plastics, in the aerospace and automotive industry, laboratories for sample evaluation, or to conduct common but versatile testing tasks.
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