Bowers Portable Hardness Tester Ensures Accurate Measurement of Hot and Friction Saw Blades for Sheffield Industrial Saws


The UK’s only producer of Hotsaw Blades, Sheffield Industrial Saws, relies on the TH174 Portable Hardness Tester from Bowers Group to accurately measure their Hot and Friction Circular Saw Blades.

Handheld Dynamic Hardness Tester

The TH174 Portable Hardness Tester is a handheld dynamic metal hardness tester with integrated impact device DL. Sheffield Industrial Saws use the device to measure the hardness of the tooth tips of their Hot and Friction Saw Blades, which are made from carbon steel. The Bowers metal hardness tester is one of the only products on the market that can fulfill their hardness testing requirements whilst being portable.

The tips of the Hot and Friction Saw Blades are flame hardened and water quenched using Sheffield Saw’s in house designed POWERFLAME Hardening Machine. The tips need to be hardened in the region of 42-54 HRC to a varying depth depending on the pitch of the tooth, with tooth pitches varying from approximately 6mm up to 25mm.

Accuracy and Consistency for Precision Measurement Requirements

Joanne Gartland of Sheffield Industrial Saws Limited said: “We have been using this type of portable hardness tester at Sheffield Industrial Saws for over 25 years. Bowers products have ensured accuracy and consistency for our precision measurement requirements for Hot and Friction Saw Blades.”

Sheffield Industrial Saws provide products for every type of industrial cutting application in the UK and worldwide. As the UK’s only producer of Hotsaw Blades used in steel section mills around the world, Sheffield Industrial Saws specialise in the manufacture of the highest quality circular blades.

Hot Saws from Sheffield Industrial Saws are used for cutting red hot carbon and alloy steels over 750°C. Their larger tooth pitch enables capacity for extra gullet clearance, which prevents filling in. The high pressure cooling and clearing of the teeth, in addition to the generous body cooling, is critical for optimum blade operation.

Friction Saws are used for friction cutting cold carbon and alloy steels, usually in multiple pieces. The finer tooth pitches of friction saws are used to generate frictional heat during cutting. It is absolutely vital to blade operation that the saws are able to withstand high pressure cooling and clearing of the teeth, and generous body cooling.

Blade Materials for Large Hot Saws and Large Friction Saws

Blade materials for Large Hot Saws and Large Friction Saws include carbon, manganese and steel with a normalised body 22 HRC with flame hardened teeth 42 to 54 HRC. These Powerblades combine tough crack resistant blade bodies with hard, wear resistant teeth, providing considerably increased blade life between sharpens compared to medium carbon manganese steel blades. The Bowers TH174 Portable Hardness Tester used by Sheffield Industrial Saws is a handheld dynamic metal hardness tester with an integrated impact device DL featuring testing in confined spaces. With a wide measuring range, it can be used for steel and cast steel, and provides highly accurate testing at any angle. The device includes a clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters, and conforms to ASTM A 956 and DIN 50156 standards.

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