Sheffield Steel Stockholders Meet Tight Tolerances with a Moore & Wright Micrometer

Sheffield based Phoenix Steels Ltd relies heavily on Moore & Wright micrometers from Bowers Group to meet high levels of quality and accuracy of their ground flat stock. The family run business has been supplying quality tool room steels directly to the precision engineering and manufacturing industry for more than 25 years, and use the micrometers on a daily basis.

New Moore & Wright Digital External Micrometer

Until recently, Phoenix Steels relied on a traditional Moore & Wright micrometre that was at least 30 years old. Although this model was still working well for them, Bowers has supplied the company with a brand new Moore & Wright digital external micrometer with a large LCD display, as well as a Moore & Wright workshop digital caliper.

Phoenix Steels is involved in the day-to-day processing of all popular grades of tool steels, including the manufacture of ground flat stock. In addition, the company also supplies and stocks key steel and silver steel, along with O1 , D2, H13 , P20, M2, and 1.2767, bar from its 8000sq ft warehouse in the centre of Sheffield. They also stock and supply O1 sheet from 2.4mm thick up to 6mm which can be cropped and precision roller flattened to customer specifications.

Accurate Measurement of Ground Flat Stock Steel

Micrometers are used to measure the sheet prior to the cutting and roller flattening process, giving the surface grinding machine operators an accurate measurement of the starting size of the steel. After the grinding process, during which various sizes of ground flat stock are produced, micrometers are used again to check that the finished product is within tolerance.

Meeting Tight Tolerances

Phoenix Steels manufactures and stocks a full range of standard metric and imperial sizes, and tolerances are typically tight; +/- 0.001 inch or – nil + 0.05mm. Tolerances for finished products are industry standard for ground flat stock, and as long as these standards are met with accuracy they can be passed for sale. The company has an in house grinding facility to ensure speedy, small batch production in order to keep the stock programme up to date.

Quality and Repeatability of Products

Steve Thompson, formerly of Sheffield based Tool Steel Blanks, runs the cropping and roller flattening operation at Phoenix Steels. Steve is in charge of the quality control of the finished products, and uses the micrometers to ensure accurate measurement. Steve said: “Meeting the tight tolerances of our ground flat stock is imperative to the quality and repeatability of the products we sell. Our customers trust that the steel we provide them with is consistently accurate, ensuring that they can manufacture their products with confidence.”

Phoenix Steels is very satisfied with the Moore & Wright products, and firmly believes they are the best on the market. Steve continued: “Compared to other generic copies on the market, Moore & Wright micrometers are noticeably more accurate, more reliable, and of higher quality. We use them several times a day and trust them completely to provide an accurate readout. They are a key instrument in the day to day working of the business. The new micrometer has a large digital display, which is clear, convenient and easy to use.”

Phoenix Steels’ supply of ground flat stock is predominantly used in tool making, as well in the making of knives, punches, jigs and fixtures. The company is also well equipped to produce special sizes for the bespoke requirements of customers; whether these are individual pieces, small batch, or full production quantities of ground flat stock or pre-machined bar.

Special Sizes of Ground Tool Steel

Mark Skinner, Production Director at Phoenix Steels said: “We have developed the supply of special sizes of ground tool steel down to a fine art. The Moore & Wright micrometers are very useful as they enable us to ensure that the steel we provide matches standard tolerances, as well as the specialist requirements of customers. It is our aim to produce stock with precision, accuracy and quality, directly meeting the required customer specification.”