City Technology Venture into Baty Measurement System

Founded in 1977 by a group of scientists working at London's City University, City Technology was established in order to exploit novel oxygen sensing technology that had been developed by the University's Wolfson Institute for Electrochemical Technology. The company's technical achievements, related to the development of metal can oxygen sensors, were recognised in 1982 by the award of the coveted Queen's Award for Technological Achievement. Over the next 10 years City Technology added electrochemical toxic gas sensors and pellistors for combustible gas detection to their product range. City's advanced toxic sensor range also won a Queen's Award for Technology in 1985, while growing international sales success attracted two further Queen's Awards for Export Achievement in 1988 and 1992.

Having outgrown its original premises in central London, in 1990 City Technology relocated to a purpose built facility in Portsmouth, now an international business employing over 300 staff, City Technology operates from purpose-built production and research & development facilities in the UK and Germany. Used across a broad range of applications to protect people and property, preserve the environment and improve safety and comfort, the company supply their extensive range of gas sensors worldwide, supported by sales hubs in Portsmouth, Bonn, Shanghai and Chicago.

Part of Honeywell – a $31 billion Fortune 100 Company employing 122,000 people in 95 countries, City Technology offers its customers the widest choice of gas detectors in the world.

With quality management systems certified to ISO9001 and EN46001, and the company’s Environmental Management System to ISO14001, the safety critical nature of City Technology’s sensors mean that products quality is of paramount importance to the company. As the quest for 100%, defect free output permeates every aspect of City Technology’s endeavours the company strives to continually improve all of its processes and systems. City Technology’s impressive Quality Department employ a wide range of advanced technology and makes regular investments in the most modern equipment available to help ensure the continued integrity of the company’s output.

In accordance with City Technology’s continuous improvement philosophy, the company’s Quality Department recently undertook a search for an extremely precise, non-contact CNC measuring system. Having had in-depth demonstrations of several alternative vision micron capable systems from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, the ideal solution to the company’s very specific needs was found in the Venture 300x300 Vision Measuring Machine from Baty International.

The company Quality Engineer responsible for the project, Steve Culverhouse recently enthused. “The safety critical nature of our products means that every Quality Department equipment purchase is considered extremely carefully. Before we researched the available non-contact measuring systems, a comprehensive matrix was drawn-up, listing the many features and operational capabilities required by our department. Following a series of in-house demonstrations, we judged each manufacturer’s machines against our predetermined criteria. The Venture machine from Baty literally ticked all of our boxes, it delivered the best Gauge R&R results and yet pleasingly cost considerably less than some of its less able competitors.”

With a 300mm x 300mm XY stage and a Z axis measuring range of 165mm, Baty’s ingenious Venture addresses high-accuracy, co-ordinate measuring using a high resolution colour camera, a modern zoom optical system, and high resolution 0.5µm scales for increased accuracy. The non-contact measuring machine boasts a wide range of advanced features, including autofocus, programmable segmented LED lighting, CAD import/export facilities, scanning & best fit function and fully dimensioned part views.

Impressed by the Venture’s performance Steve Culverhouse continued, “Our new Baty vision system is now in daily use, checking a wide selection of incoming parts and first-off components. Despite its rapid speed of operation, the Venture delivers excellent accuracy and repeatability in all of its measuring routines. Even though Baty’s Venture was the most comprehensively equipped vision measuring machine that we considered purchasing, it has proven to be very easy to use. Baty’s Teach and Repeat programming system, added to the machine’s CNC capability, enables us to load the Venture’s stage with multiple components, press the button and return later to a batch of fully dimensioned parts.”

The nature of the products manufactured by City Technology means that the company keep meticulous records, not only does Baty’s Venture produce excellent graphical SPC data, one click allows all traceable part documentation to be output to spreadsheets or other recording media.

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