Eclipse Tools Provides the Solution to Local Measurement Dilemma

Eclipse Tools North America has supplied Specialty Cutting Tools LTD with a Baty R14 profile projector, with an FT-2E touch screen in order to run production checks with ease and accuracy.

Specialty Cutting Tools Ltd is a Canadian tool manufacturer that has been providing high quality tools as well as custom grinding services within the manufacturing industry for many years.

Consistency is Key

The Baty R14 profile projector is equipped with a large 340mm screen that combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection. It includes a range of optional accessories, used to mount and secure parts, making it a useful addition to the machine shop or production line for the quality control inspection team.

To further increase the accuracy and functionality of the profile projector, it was installed with an FT-2E. The FT-2E is a complete touch screen, windows-based software package, that allows you to digitally store and back up all measurements.

Before deploying the R14 profile projector, the production staff at Specialty Cutting Tools LTD had difficulties keeping consistency between operators and repeatability in measured size as well as the level of accuracy while measuring angular dimensions. This resulted in a large waste of materials and operator time.

A Critical Part of Operation

Chris Salmers, General Manager at Specialty Cutting Tools LTD, commented, “The R14 FT-2E is a high value mission and a critical part of our operation now, running the necessary production checks quickly and accurately. Perhaps the most interesting part of using the R14 is that we were able to use the accuracy of the inspection checks to pinpoint machines that needed adjustment/maintenance in our production line.”

Accuracy No Matter the Size

After the install, Speciality Cutting Tools LTD noticed improvements in their QC reports, the level of consistency in measures between users, as well as the quality of finished products. They are now able to measure small grinding changes and fine tune production equipment based on more accurate production parts.

Chris continues: “Another additional bonus was that the R14 was able to eliminate ambiguity from operator to operator with the fibre optic light sensor, giving us much more consistent results.”

User-Friendly Software

The user-friendly system and software made it easily adaptable for operators, even for those who aren’t as “tech-savvy”. They found that the windows-based software package was helpful to use their pre-recorded macros for production measurement to ensure consistent results.