Bernard Holmes Precision Reduces Reject Rates to Zero with Bowers Group’s Bore Gauges

Precision engineering company Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd has succeeded in its aim for zero customer rejects with the help of Bowers Group. The company specialises in both CNC and conventional machining in a wide range of materials, with customers from a variety of sectors.

Many of the precision components measured at Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd require bore measurement, therefore the company possessed a wide variety of measurement methods. After 15-20 years of use, the company was keen to upgrade its kit and invest in a selection of new micrometers to include digital gauges, as well as expand the variety of bore micrometers available for use.

"The Best Bore Mics Out There!"

Russell Thackray, Production Director at Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd said: “We decided to start replacing some of our more used and abused bore mics that we bought over 15 years ago with shiny new ones. It’s not until I had a walk around our shop that I realised how many we have and how often they get used. They are the best bore mics out. And what a great investment! They’ve paid for themselves!”

Based in Billingborough in Lincolnshire, Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd specialises in CNC turning and milling of high end precision components, and can cater for either large or small batches, manual or CNC multi axis machining. Employing more than 20 people, it’s diverse customers are from a huge range of sectors; from bulk handling to hydraulics manufacturers, and everything in-between.


Zero Customer Rejects

The company has a long reputation of machining complex components with great accuracy. They have a team of extremely skilled precision engineers who ensure that every component is made exactly to the customers’ requirements. The inspection team ensure that components are checked before they leave the factory as the company aim for zero customer rejects.

When a new employee recommended Bowers Group micrometers, Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd took their advice and ordered several, including the XT Standard Analogue Bore Gauges and XT Digital Bore Gauges. Staff at Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd are so pleased with the micrometers that Bowers Group has truly lived up to its well-known reputation as the world's leading bore gauge manufacturer. The bore gauges are used all over the factory for convenient shop floor measurement, as well as keeping one set safely in the inspection department.

Repeatable and Accurate Bore Measurement

Russell Thackray continued: “We use the Bowers micrometers every day; they are an integral part of our quality management. Not only are they easy to use, they are repeatable and accurate. The most important thing is that we trust the readings implicitly. Because we know that we can trust them 100% we have several other brands of mics that sit in the cupboard unused. I know that the lads can pick up the Bowers mics and use them properly; there’s no learning curve, no training, and they are clear and easy to read.”

Bowers Group’s micrometers are compact and light, and ergonomically designed to be easy to use. With improved functionality and a wide range of measurement capabilities available, they are the perfect solution for the accurate and repeatable measurement of bores.