Baty Vision System Solves Complex Measurement Challenges for Chinese Automotive Plant

A leading supplier of components to the automotive industry is using a Baty Venture XT vision system to accurately measure transmission components and housings. The company uses automated machining lines at its plant in China, which ensure optimal quality standards with a corresponding process capability for its customers.

Measuring Critical Inside Dimensions


After experimenting with a range of measurement equipment in an attempt to accurately measure the critical inside dimensions of transmission housings, the quality team experienced a series of problems due to the size of the part, and required a better solution.

Failure to measure key components accurately and confidently prompted the automotive component manufacturer to invest in the Baty Venture XT vision system, which can be used for both contact and non-contact measurement, and includes advanced features for scanning and best fitting. It is also perfect for use as a visual inspection aid because it has a powerful zoom lens and good surface illumination.

Easy to Use Vision Systemultima-bore-gauge-set

The company’s Quality Manager said: “We had tried so many different ways to measure critical inside dimensions and failed. The transmission housing is such a big component and hard to put into the system.

The Baty Venture XT is a pleasant surprise to us; it is very easy to use and there is no need for any complicated programming. The reprorubber is the perfect solution because it can replicate castings quickly and precisely, and does not stick to the part. It perfectly solves our problem.”

Quick and Accurate Measurement

The Baty Venture allows the business to measure the required features of the transmission housings quickly and accurately. With so many holes and bores inside the housing, there are naturally lots of complicated measurements that need to be taken. The company also uses reprorubber, metrology grade casting material that allows for exact surface finish replication and excellent optical properties. The reprorubber offers quick casting with zero shrinkage, perfect for complex parts such as transmission housings.

Bowers Shanghai also supplied the company with a set of Bowers Group Ultima bore gauges equipped with 7 measuring heads, offering a measuring solution with a constant measuring force and simple lever operation for easy use and repeatability.